Monday, December 5, 2011

other Bye Bye Bruce stuff

Another thing about Bye-Bye bruce's story is that it was about loneliness and coping with boredom. The "pets" are kept stored away in little cages, and each one had a different theme. The main character lived in an asian styled room, so throughout production we dubbed him "the asian".

I did some preliminary artwork regarding the character.

I also did some artwork for a poster and a chinese screen that shows up in the film.

Bye Bye Bruce Backgrounds

During the 2011 summer break I worked on an independent animated short with some friends that was called "the naked guy" project for the longest time. It's about a world where humans are pets for aliens. I got to design the bathroom, a place where many of us go to contemplate our goals in life. In Bye-Bye-Bruce (the final name) our main character does not have such a luxury.
Here are the final backgrounds to go into the movie. I liked painting the little soap bubbles. Credit to Corwin Herse-Woo and Annlyn Huang for the final paint overs.