Monday, August 20, 2012

Scifi Stuff

Took one of my mechanics a bit further. I kind of like how she turned out.

Junkyard Hit
Moment Thumbs
These are moment thumbs I did of a scenario involving an assassin or bounty hunter that goes out to perform a hit on a junk dealer at his junk yard. Motivations remain.. ominous.

A sci-fi, Star Wars inspired environment. Work and process shown below.
Update: August 24

previous revisions:

Character Design
Based on a character from the book "How to survive in a Science Fiction Universe". In this book, the main character is a ship mechanic that lives in near-solitude inside of a tiny cramped ship with his dog. His job is to wait for distress signals from other travelers to offer to repair their issues. I thought I would try to conceptualize this character in a less cartoony fashion than I am accustomed to but still maintain an interesting variety of shapes and line.

Because this person lives a bit of a solitary life, I thought it would be interesting to give each of them an animal/pet that they kept on board to keep them company that reflects their personality in some way.

Update: Taking the 3 dudes I chose a little further:

Thursday, August 2, 2012