Monday, January 23, 2012

birdday perrsent

birthday present for a friend of mine. oils are so fun!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

first time using oils

Was in Maryland a week ago; my grandma painted in oils before she passed away. Finally decided to take them back home to try them out. never bothered with oils because of their price, the flexibility of oils really makes me wish i had tried them out sooner though.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nosferatu the milkman


"The Abandoned" Environments and Moment Pieces

The world in Jennie/The Abandoned was not a very kind one. Paul Gallico wanted to portray London as a harsh world to live in for cats, but one that is quite possible to live in provided that one is well-enough informed. In these environments I wanted to get a feeling of London.

The first two are supposed to be studies of Peter and Jennie's boat ride to Scotland. Last one is supposed to be a dirty London street during the 50s.

Here are some moment pieces I did. Peter as a child, alone in his room with every toy in the world, still somehow bored, and the final show off between Peter and Dempsey.

some sketchbook stuff

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tule Lake

Here are some backgrounds I did for the latest Shrunkenhead Man animated film. It's about the Japanese internment camps and a family trying to find solace with what means they have. Credit to Cody Gramstead/Tim Tang for the line drawings, and Erin Schleupner the art director on the project. (She may or may not have painted/edited these paintings for post-production.)

I also got to design the christmas tree!

Jennie Character Designs

This story is about a little boy in London that gets turned into a cat. I did 3 character designs. First up is the design of Peter, before he gets turned into a cat. He's a shy, introverted kind of kid. I imagined him to be a bit socially awkward.

Next up are the cat designs. I had a really hard time with nailing Peter as a cat. The first one here is Dempsey, the mean alley tomcat that beats the crap out of Peter when he first finds himself a cat. Dempsey had a much more distinguishable personality, so I had more fun designing him, but Peter as a cat was difficult because he grew a ton throughout the story. I went through a lot of different variations.


Along the way in this story, called The Abandoned, by the way, Peter meets another cat named Jennie whom basically becomes his mentor. Jennie acts as the mother figure that he never had around as a human. The green one on the right is the final Jennie design, and the blue one on the left is an old version of a Peter.

Peter and Jennie

I liked how Jennie came out because I've had a sly, resourceful cat before. But Peter is a human-turned-cat that learns more about being a cat. This bottom one is the final design I came up with for Peter. It doesn't feel as good as the final Jennie or Dempsey designs, but I tried my best to get a across a sense of curiosity.

Abandon Ship!

Captain Nemo's ship is under attack, but she doesn't sweat under pressure.

Captain Nemo Project

I wanted to try making a female captain Nemo. The story for this captain Nemo was that she joined the national British military in India under the guise of a man, until she started her own renegade submarine crew thus leading to Nemo's hatred for mankind. I wanted her to still have a masculine presence, hence the faux-beard and mannish proportions. I was inspired by Xerxes from 300. Wasn't really received too well, haha.

The Death of Charles Dickens

We had a bizarre assignment in BFA involving a random historical figure and the news of the mysterious creature mentioned in 20000 leagues. I got Charles Dickens. My interpretation was that he would see the creature as some sort of ghost ship.